Pristine Toilet Paper Spray

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What It Is

  • Pristine toilet paper spray turns regular toilet paper into a flushable wet wipe!
  • Pristine Original includes pure essential oil that adds a natural and subtle botanical fragrance. 
  • A few sprays of Pristine Original moistens toilet paper and allows you to clean better by removing germs and bacteria from the area that are not wiped away with plain, dry toilet paper.
  • Sewer and septic safe! No harsh chemicals!
  • Aloe and pure apricot oil soothe and moisturize the area.
  • 4 oz bottle is equivalent to about 200 wet wipes (~$0.07 per wipe).

How To Use Pristine

  1. Spray Pristine 3-5 times directly onto folded toilet paper.
  2. Wipe.
  3. Flush! Yes, flush. It won't clog pipes!

What It's Made Of

Pristine Original is made in the USA using clean, plant-based ingredients that are gentle enough for sensitive skin, yet effective enough to cleanse every bottom! 

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